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Welcome to “The Rubber Clinic” affiliate pages. Here you will find all the necessary help and information and content to start earning with the Rubber Eva affiliate program.

We pay 50% on all sign-ups and 50% on all re-bills; this is for the whole length of your promotion of the site with no time limit!

Use the "Sign-Up" button below to register with the Verotel, once done you will receive a code, which is basically a 16-digit number. You can use this in conjunction with banners that can found at the Verotel affiliate control centre, or better still you can use our fully automated FHG & FHM pages on the resoucre pages on the site.

Once you are logged in you can simply choose you gallery or movie page and the affiliate URL and code is made for you! so nothing to figure out, just copy and paste the URL below the page and away you go!

Note: All of our galleries and video clips that can be found on the "Affiliate Resources" pages, (once you have signed-up) and you can use either the “Content Packs” or the “Hosted Galleries” with your link code to promote via pictures or movies.

Once signed-up with Verotel, just use the "Sign-Up" link from the menu above to access all the content and guidelines to make your promotion of this site a profitable one!


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